Zephyr Blix Gear Box
Zephyr Blix Gear Box

Zephyr Blix Gear Box

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This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 10 different experiments, one at a time. After completing these 10 experiments, the builder can use the connectors, beams, motor and the gears to create many more models and projects.

Gears are magical components that work behind the scenes in cars, watches, printers and many other day to day objects used by us. With this set, you can use grades along with the motor to create fantastic working models and perform experiments, to understand uses, applications and just have a lot of fun.

The manual provided can help you build any of the models mentioned in the set. Just remember these few points in your build:
1. Follow the steps in the manual and watch out for the notes mentioned.
2. Always remove the parts required in the step aside. After completing the step, noticing if any parts are left is a good way to recheck before mov

  • Knowledge: teaches about art of designing and construction
  • Creativity: unleash your creativity with limitless imaginative models to the fast and impatient generation of today
  • Reasoning: easy to handle, fix and unbreakable. Develop a fascination for the unique, versatile and beautiful construction system


Country of origin - India