Imagi Make Make With Shapes Cupcake
Imagi Make Make With Shapes Cupcake
Imagi Make Make With Shapes Cupcake

Imagi Make Make With Shapes Cupcake

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  • Shape Puzzle for toddlers to enjoy learning 10 basic shapes including Semi Circle, Circle, Square, Rectangle & Triangle
  • Includes 5 Food Puzzles: Ice-Cream, Candy, Cupcake, Pizza and Juice – total 58 pieces
  • This Montessori style toy teaches children that Parts make a Whole through the play way method – like 2 Semi-Circles make a Circle
  • Each puzzle is 20 cm x 18 cm (7.5 inch x 7 inch) and is perfect for a 3 year old to enjoy
  • Uses 8 mm thick pieces of Soft, Sturdy and Safe foam material. This material complies to European safety standards

Product description

The unique Food themed puzzle is a Montessori style toy that helps toddlers learn about 10 basic shapes (including Semi Circle, Circle, Square, Rectangle & Triangle) and parts make a whole through the play way method. The set has 5 puzzle boards with 58 total number of pieces. It is a great play pattern to improve the fine motor skills in kids and teach them about shapes, sizes and colours. The attractive designs of Cupcake, Ice Cream, Pizza, Candy and Juice make it very inviting for kids to keep playing again and again. It even has name blocks for each Food. Make with Shapes helps enhance spatial recognition and problem-solving skills in children as they understand that parts make a whole as well as which shape and which size fits where. 


Country of origin - India