Hopop Finger Brush 0m+
Hopop Finger Brush 0m+
Hopop Finger Brush 0m+
Hopop Finger Brush 0m+

Hopop Finger Brush 0m+

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About this item

  • Approved and recommended by leading pediatrics
  • Made from 100 percent non-toxic and BPA free super-soft silicone materials.
  • Helps to clean milk deposits to keep germs & bacteria away for maximum oral hygiene
  • The outer side of the brush has soft & fine pressure points which stimulate and massage the gums
  • Fits easily on index finger of adults

Hopop Tooth & Gum Cleaning Soft Silicone Finger Brush provides an innovative way to clean tooth & gums of your baby. It is not only effective in cleaning tooth & gums but also offers the necessary oral stimulation to the baby.

Before first use, place finger brush in boiling water for 2- 5 minutes to sterilize
-Use index finger to clean your baby's gums and teeth
-Hold the baby in one arm and use the other hand to softly open the baby's mouth 
-Place your finger on the baby's tongue and gently rub the surface of the tongue in a circular shape
-After the tongue is clean, rub the gums and insides of the baby's cheeks
-Once the cleaning is complete wash with luke warm water and dry, then place in the case

Country of origin - India