Funskool Thing A Ding Dings

Funskool Thing A Ding Dings

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Key Features

  • Funny Ringing Sounds
  • Just Change the Parts on the Egg-shaped Body
  • 22 Interchangeable Parts Changes one toy to Another

Introduce your kids to a whole new world of creativity and fun with the Thing a Ding Dings by Funskool.

22 interchangeable parts changes one toy to another

The toy offers your little ones 22 vibrant parts that are interchangeable, enabling them to assort, experiment and create new versions of the existing toy.

Just change the parts on the egg-shaped body

The body of the toy is primarily egg-shaped and lets your kids change the parts in any order they desire.

Funny ringing sounds

The toy also gives out funny sounds that are sure to captivate kids and enhances their sensory skills as well.


Country of origin - India