Funskool Scotland Yard
Funskool Scotland Yard

Funskool Scotland Yard

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A highly competitive board games for kids, the Funskool Scotland Yard - A Compelling Detective Game is all about a thrilling experience of chasing and racing. The funskool Scotland Yard is a board game played on the lines of a detective story which leaves the players thrilled in taking on the roles of a Scotland Yard Detective. Since the Scotland Yard board game requires more than two players, the whole family can join in and spend some quality time with their kids.

The venue of the game is Central London and it is played by running and racing through the streets of the city trying to nab the culprit who is an imaginary character, Mister X, who is being chased by the detectives in a bid to catch him. The Funskool Scotland Yard board game provides the players to practice methods of strategic planning, quick decision making and swift moves in order to nab the culprit. The player taking the role of the culprit too has to be quick in making decisions and implementing them in order to give the detectives the slip.


Country of origin - India