Funskool Ride 'N Hide Turtles
Funskool Ride 'N Hide Turtles
Funskool Ride 'N Hide Turtles

Funskool Ride 'N Hide Turtles

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  • Toys and Games
  • Pull-along turtle family for stacking, nesting, hide-inside fun
  • Children are fascinated by objects with moving parts they can turn, click, push, spin, squeak, rattle or slide
  • If shell disconnects, place turtle on a firm, flat surface Line up hinge on shell and press down firmly to re-assemble
  • These fun activities help children learn to manipulate objects in lots of interesting ways and develop their fine motor skills
  • Toys such as ride 'n hide turtles encourage discovery and playful exploration

The Funskool Pull Along-Ride N Hide Turtle is bound to be a favourite with any little toddler. It is a colourful pull along turtle which rattles when it moves. Your little one can pull the turtle around the house, making the cute rattling sound. It comes with tiny little baby turtles which can remain hidden under the space under its shell. The little ones can also be stacked on the turtle's back. It encourages your child to walk around pulling along the turtle.



Country of origin - India