Ekta 3 In 1 Big Creative Box

Ekta 3 In 1 Big Creative Box

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  • This is the perfect entertainment pack for your little ones. It's a learning game for children
  • Improves children's cognitive ability. Make fun while playing
  • Easy and clear instructions are provided inside
  • Product from the renowned house of Ekta
  • Contents : slime glue bottle (50ml), slime activator bottle, measuring beaker, 2 mixing bowls, 4 storage cups with lids, wooden sticks, pipette, plastic spoon, pack of 6 ready to use tempera colours, 6 pack of crystal ball powder, 2 reusable plastic ball moulds, modeling sand, 8 sea creatures, plastic moulds and detailed instructions

Product description

Magic bouncy balls create your own super balls,pour mould and bounce. 2 amazing active sand never dries out play again and again, it includes sand and 8 fun moulds, feel it move watch it grow. Play indoor or outdoor without any mess, active sand is squeezable sand where you feel the fun and cant put down. Feel ultrasoft easy to model,beautiful detailed easy cleanup 3 make your own fantastic yucky slime , mix and make silly slimy fun. Perfect for Birthday gifts for girls and boys.


Country of origin - India