Zephyr Blix Power Screw
Zephyr Blix Power Screw
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Zephyr Blix Power Screw

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  • Introduce the basic concept of science in an experiential and fun filled learning experience
  • A widely used mechanical concept and tool of a Power Screw is the fundamentals of learning machines
  • These pieces of BLIX are versatile meaning they can be used not only for making the models shown in the manual but to enable the child to make anything thing they can conceptualize and imagine
  • Develops logical thinking and reasoning that helps develop the cause and effects pattern
  • In the manual you will find instructions to build 7 different motorized models and experiments like a dumper truck, a scissor lift, a pressing machine and more
  • This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 7 different models, one at a time
  • After completing these 7 models, the builder can use the connectors, beams, motor and the power screw mechanism to create many more models and projects
  • With these models, the builder will experience many different mechanisms like power screw, linkages, scissor linkage etc
  • This will open the child’s interests to other mechanisms around them in their lives and they experience the world through their new engineering vision

Product description

A modern construction set for the modern builder. A quick construction system with many versatile pieces that can be joined to create what you can imagine. Infinte models and possibilities that can be done. This set is the basic set to get the young child used to using his/her fingers and develop the fine motor skills and dexterity. Fun, quick educational and hours and hours of 'Edutainment' for children. Get this for your child or gift it to a loved one, but be assured they will love this novel construction system.


Country of origin - India