Zephyr Alpha Numero Set-1
Zephyr Alpha Numero Set-1
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Zephyr Alpha Numero Set-1

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Capital Alphabets in Bright Colors and Comfortable size. Easily recognizable, Sturdy, No sharp edges and magnetized. Ideal gift from a mother to her child.

Learn about alphabets and numbers through play teach your little ones about alphabets and numbers in an interesting and fun way, with the zephyr alpha numero jar 1 set. Comprising 26 magnetic alphabets and 10 numbers, they can be used to practice on a magnetic board or on your fridge. As these pieces are made of high-quality material, they are durable. Being non-toxic, they are perfectly safe for your kid to handle. Sporting a variety of bright colours, they will instantly capture the interest of your child. This alpha numero jar is suitable for children aged one year and up. Develops motor skills and mental abilities the zephyr alpha numero jar set will keep your kids productively occupied for hours on end. It helps in improving your little one's speech and maths skills. 100 % safe, non-toxic and magnetic Parents can be rest assured that the material is totally safe and non-toxic. The magnetic feature allows the child to affix the figures effortlessly and in any combination.


Country of origin - India