Wood Treasure Big Tray abc Small
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Wood Treasure Big Tray abc Small

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Key features:

  • Life-long durability, unbreakable, irresistible, easy to handle.
  • Colourful patterns which help young minds to recognize colours and Alphabets. while playing.
  • Memorizing the name of various things in play way method.
  • Easy to hold, Quality Plastic is find to carry cutout easily.
  • Encourage kids to think wider and sharpen their intellect.
  • 26 piece


Wood Treasure Big Tray abc Small introduces an excellent variety of wooden puzzles for your tiny tots. To enhance the mental ability and creativity of your child. The beginners need special care to enlighten their future. In the play way method we can help tiny minds to build their future bright. Toys and puzzles helps growing kids to stronger their mental level. They are aware of surroundings. Holding and grasping power improves. The “self-correcting” feature refers to the pieces having only a single match each, which ensures that kids correctly fit them together to develop a sense of mastery. This set includes capital and lowercase letters. You can separate several interlocked puzzles into two pieces. There are several ways to enjoy the letter puzzle. Parents can ask their children to match an alphabet piece to the correct picture and identify the letter by name. Children can also speak the letter’s sound and trace over the lower- and uppercase letters with their fingers, and they can increase the number of puzzles as they continue to develop their skills. This Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzle is an exceptional gift for kids. Experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.


Country of origin - India