Toy Kraft Wondrous Warli Art & Craft
Toy Kraft Wondrous Warli Art & Craft
Toy Kraft Wondrous Warli Art & Craft
Toy Kraft Wondrous Warli Art & Craft
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Toy Kraft Wondrous Warli Art & Craft

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ABOUT THIS KIT:  This Indian traditional Warli Art Painting Kit from Toy kraft provides a platform to learn this rich and simple art. The traditional art form is given a more colourful and contemporary look so that it appeals to a younger and more modern audience.
WHAT DO WE MAKE? -The Toy kraft Warli Art Painting Kit provide 3 platforms so as to become conversant with Warli art. Two jigsaw puzzle sets are included which reveal a pair of colourful pictures of Warli art on complete solving. As a creative art activity, you can paint two terracotta pots with Warli figures. This can be followed by painting Warli figures and motifs on a double picture frame. All these activities result in useful articles which have display value.
WHATs IN THIS KIT? Two jigsaw puzzle sets, two terracotta pots, a double photo frame, acrylic and tempera paints, a paint brush, an instruction manual along with a very informative book on Indian traditional art.
WHAT DO WE LEARN? Warli is a traditional Indian folk art and craft wherein white paint is used to make simple lines and shapes triangles, circles, and squares on a brown surface resulting in mind-blowing pictures. This valuable Warli kit introduces young children to traditional Indian Warli Art by making pictures from a set of jigsaw puzzles, Warli motif double photo-frame, and terracotta pots in Warli art.
IDEAL PRESENT-This is a real Warli art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience. You can gift the Warli articles or the Kit itself to your friends or family.

Country of Origin: India