Smartivity Payload Control Galaxy Quest
Smartivity Payload Control Galaxy Quest
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Smartivity Payload Control Galaxy Quest

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  • This is a do it yourself activity kit designed to help children understand fundamental principles 
  • Subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)
  • S.T.E.M. Principles your child will learn through play: String tension, gravity, solar system and space, dual-spool mechanism. D.I.Y. Time: 90 min play time: Infinite


Space has intrigued humans since the beginning of time. Explore the various planets, satellites, and moons as you command your space ship to the deepest corners of the solar system with Smartivity's Payload Control Galaxy Quest STEM Educational DIY Learning toy. Overcome the space junk and various obstacles while completing the missions. The space ship is controlled using the Dual-Spool Mechanism combined with the learnings about string tension and gravity as you explore the game play. Place the marble in the space ship and manoeuvre it around the mission plate, tackling the obstacles, to deliver the payload at the destination. Concentration and hand-eye coordination is the key. Buckle up as the missions get difficult at every step! Are you ready, Cadet?

Smartivity Payload Control Galaxy Quest takes kids on a journey across space. Starting with an easier mission, the construction toy takes them through 6 gameboards of increasing complexity, demanding greater focus and dexterity.



Country of origin - India