Smartivity Angle Wrangle Car Racing
Smartivity Angle Wrangle Car Racing
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Smartivity Angle Wrangle Car Racing

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Key Features:

  • Best Gift for 6-14 yr girls & boys: Build, Play, Learn|129 Parts |BUILD TIME: 120 min |STEM Concepts: Angles,Deflection & Momentum Transfer
  • Great Value For Money: Longer Constructive Activity+Multiple Gameplays+Core STEAM Learning = Superior Engagement Time Per Rupee than other DIY toys   
  • Eco-Friendly, Sustainable: Imported Premium Pine Wood. Sourced from Responsible Eco-Certified Vendors. “NO SPLINTERS” so that your child is protected   
  • No Mess, No Tools Needed for assembly for a clean, MESS-FREE HOME | Elastic Bands joinery, Easy to Disassemble and Reassemble   
  • Children Learn Best Through Play: With Smartivity, your child constructs a STEAM Concepts based game/toy with Real Moving Parts & MECHANICAL ACTIONS   
  • Easy,Age-Apt Instruction Book: One-Step-Per-Page, Big Pictures, MODULAR ASSEMBLY for self-paced construction. Minimal adult involvement Trusted by Parents, Loved by Children in 24 Countries (incl USA, Europe): Non-Toxic & Safe. Tested in global labs. Exceeds global toy safety standards   

Designed in Collaboration with Children: Evaluated and approved for Construction, STEAM Learning and Fun Quotients by Smartivity Steminjas.   

Product Description:
Here is the most amazing marble based DIY racing game! Racing meets basic learnings of physics such as gravity, momentum, and angle of deflection in this stem toy. Race your opponent using 4 different cars available in this game. Just flick the marble and watch your cars being hauled to the finish line, but be careful of landing on the bomb which will cause you to retreat back to the start! Accurate control is provided with the cleverly designed bounce plates helping you to target marbles into the racing lanes. This dynamic game also has 2 different gameplay modes that change the speed. The children learn and understand the physical aspects of collisions and momentum while enjoying the thrill of racing.


Country of origin - India