Silverlit Ycoo Qcuizzie Robot
Silverlit Ycoo Qcuizzie Robot
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Silverlit Ycoo Quizzie Robot

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  • QUIZZIE is a palm size robot with 3 exciting games that will spray water at you if you lose the games
  • Game 1 - Quiz: Record your own questions (up to 5) and answers, play with your friends to see if they'll get it right or get soaked!
  • Game 2 - Memory Game: Remember the face that appears at the start of the game. Quizzie will randomly show different faces asking if it is the same face, answer YES or NO and if you get it wrong, water will spray in your face!
  • Games 3 - Luck Game: Try your luck! Tell Quizzie to stop changing faces, if you land on the Angry face, water will spray in your 

Country of origin – China