Silverlit Curli Girls Dance Party
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Silverlit Curli Girls Dance Party

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Straight or curly hair? The Curli Girls never have to choose! These Fashion Dolls wear cool outfits and have magical long hair that you can curl! Create amazing curly hairstyles with the handsome Dance Party Kelli! Pull the hair to make it curl: the harder you pull, the more curl appears! Make unique kaspels with the different beads and snips. Wow! And now the magic comes…. Dip the hair in warm water and the curly hair will immediately become straight again! Discover endless hairstyles, over and over again! Every Curli Girl has her own magical accessories. Curli Girl Kelli has a curling iron, haircut, 9 colourful beads, temperature gauge and a stand to make hair shine. Collect all Curli Girls and discover their curly magic!
Country of origin - China