Ramson Monkey Roll Ball
Ramson Monkey Roll Ball

Ramson Monkey Roll Ball

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  • Brand: Ramson
  • Product Type: Infants
  • Barcode: Ramson Monkey Roll Ball

About this item

  • 5-tier, multi-coloured ball ramp includes three spinning activity balls, the perfect kids toys
  • Tower easily breaks down for on-the-go activities and can be built back quickly
  • Enhances fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and cause and effect learning, excellent
  • Acrylic balls contain colourful beads and shapes that make fun sounds when rolled
  • Baby toys for ages 9 months and up. Made from phthalate-free PVC. Best Birthday gift toys for toddlers.

Roll n Swirl Ball Ramp Drop Toys 5-tier multi-coloured ball ramp includes 3 spinning activity balls. A cute gift for babies. Bright and multiple colours to stimulate baby`s colour recognition. Fun kids toys which will mesmerize your baby for hours as three whirly, swirly balls race down the multi-coloured tower shoot. Clear, heavy-duty balls contain colourful beads that make fun noises when rolled. This 12 colourful ball drop is a safe baby toy, a great way to encourage repeated play, and develop fine motor skills for any age.


Country of origin - India