Plum 8ft Wave Springsafe Trampoline And Enclosure

Plum 8ft Wave Springsafe Trampoline And Enclosure

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About This Item:

  • Springsafe 2G enclosure separates the jumper from the springs
  • Trampoline frame made from steel frame
  • Safety padding covers
  • Metal top rim adds durability to this already safe design
  • 45 quality zinc coated springs
  • Recommended age: 6+Years
  • Maximum user weight: 50kgs
    Bounce away the afternoon on the Plum 8ft Wave trampoline that features our Springsafe technology with an updated enclosure offering more durability and added safety. The high quality Springsafe enclosure separates children from the springs and frame; giving grown ups peace of mind and allowing children to bounce away safely whilst improving their physical development.
    Country of origin - United Kingdom