Pigeon Flexible Premium Crystal PP Bottle 0m+ (120ml/4oz)
Pigeon Flexible Premium Crystal PP Bottle 0m+ (120ml/4oz)
Pigeon Flexible Premium Crystal PP Bottle 0m+ (120ml/4oz)
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Pigeon Flexible Premium Crystal PP Bottle 0m+ (120ml/4oz)

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About This Item:

  • Ultra soft silicone nipple
  • AVS technology
  • High quality durable plastic
  • Easy to hold and clean
  • Crystal clear transparency
  • Unique designs
  • Instructions Included
  • BPA and BPS free
  • Slim neck with medium flow PP bottle 
  • Grooved interior for maximum flexibility 
  • Unique venting system minimises swallowed air, preventing gas 
  • For maximum flexibility and natural tongue support, ideal shape for the nipple fits perfectly into sucking fossa

Mothers milk is best for your baby'
At pigeon we have been supporting breast feeding for over 50 years, breast milk is the best source of nutrition for our baby, especially for the the first year after birth. the time spent breast feeding also strengthens the bond between the baby and the mother 
Sucking fossa :A hole in baby's upper jaw which gentle disappears as they grow and stop sucking 
Flexible silicon : The super soft silicon, with its double thickness, ensures ideal softness and flexibility for your baby to latch on comfortably and easy 
Baby unique tongue movement 
Ever wondered how baby sucks ? A baby moves its tongue like a wave, rolling from front to back to extract milk. this form of tongue's movement helps the natural development of a baby 
Premium Crystal PP bottle 
Made from polypropylene material meant for food contact application. this bottle is durable and light weight, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


Country of origin - India