Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri Break
Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri Break
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Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri Break

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Experience the excitement, energy, and attitude of the Nerf brand, and find out why It's Nerf or nothin'. Nerf blasters from Hasbro deliver the ultimate in blaster performance for Nerf battles. Break into mega-sized battling with the Nerf n-strike mega tri-break blaster! This Nerf gun comes with a break-open barrel that can hold up to 3 Nerf Mega Whistler darts so that your child can shoot up to three continuous shots. Your child can easily break open the barrel by pressing the release button and by swinging the barrel down. This way, he/she can easily use this toy. With this Nerf gun by Hasbro, your child can have a blast with friends and family. It is equipped with a break-open barrel that can easily be loaded with darts (that don't cause harm when shot at). It includes 3 Nerf Mega Whistler darts that zoom through the air and hit the target. With this Nerf gun, your little one can hone his precision skills so that he/she never misses during target practice. Break into Nerf Mega battling with the Tri-Break blaster that features a break-open, 3-dart barrel. Swing open the barrel on this single-shots blaster, and load 3 Nerf Mega Whistler darts inside. Close the barrel, prime the blaster, then pull the trigger to send a dart screaming through the air! Break into big blasting with the Nerf N-Strike Mega Tri-Break blaster that comes with 3 Nerf Mega Whistler darts.



Country of origin - China