Mirada Plush Tom 25cm
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Mirada Plush Tom 25cm

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About this item:

  • Very soft, attractive stuffed toy

  • Easy to carry

  • Easy to play with

  • Perfect for cuddling

  • Uses soft plush fabric

Tom Soft Toy is very light, allowing your little one to carry him along for the entire day without feeling tired. The size is also suitable for your child to carry, being neither too big to be unwieldy nor too small to be misplaced.

As a cartoon character, Tom has been around for decades. Therefore, along with children, parents will also have nostalgic feelings about the past. Therefore, this mischievous feline will be a favourite not only your child but you as a parent will also treasure Tom Soft Toy as a collector's item.

This Tom Kitten Soft Toy has very appealing features and a charming expression matching his true mischievous nature. All boys and girls will love this adorable cuddly toy.


Country of origin - India