Mirada 52cm Unicorn Soft Toy with Horn
Mirada 52cm Unicorn Soft Toy with Horn
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Mirada 52cm Unicorn Soft Toy with Horn

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About This Item:
  • The Prettiest Unicorn: Kids Preferred presents this super soft, cute, charmingly detailed stuffed animal.
  • Easy Cleaning No smell of chemicals! Easy Cleaning with a damp cloth!
  • Soft Theyre made of Soft plush toy material which makes it a very fluffy and adorable teddy bear.
  • Great Gift Idea This teddy is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or valentines day.
  • Wonderful Cuddly Fantastic Made of 100% polyester. Perfect for hugging and snuggling.
All Mirada plush animals are made with high quality, reinforced stitching and 100% ultra-premium, clump-resistant, polyester stuffing. The plushie coat is made from a specially designed soft synthetic fiber which keeps infants and toddlers safe during rough play

Country of origin - India