Magna Tiles 100 Pcs Set
Magna Tiles 100 Pcs Set
Magna Tiles 100 Pcs Set
Magna Tiles 100 Pcs Set
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Magna Tiles 100 Pcs Set

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About This Item:

  • Tiles are constructed in bright translucent colours with magnets on all sides
  • The secret is the unique ability to attract even when they are flipped
  • Build creations on a light table to see the colours illuminate
  • Be creative with imaginative, hands-on play to build anything you can imagine
  • Perfect for introducing children to simple math, geometry, and science
  • Magna-Tiles are unbreakable
  • Create cubes, pyramids and other geometric shapes- think in 3D

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Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Piece Set Take your youngster’s imagination to the following level with the Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Piece Set! Intended for a very long time three and up, these attractive toys for youngsters sparkle long periods of innovative, unstructured play, permitting them to rejuvenate their fantasies.

Magna-Tiles creates designing, shape acknowledgment, building and engine abilities. Use them for guided exercises or long stretches of open-finished fun and investigation. They will function admirably alone or along with the strong shaded Magna-Tiles to make windows, bay windows, and so on ideal for homerooms and multi-kid play.

Regardless of whether kids work solo or with relatives and companions to assemble a gigantic design or reproduce a most loved film scene, they are ensured to have a great time while mastering essential abilities and appreciating the accompanying advantages:

Clear and brilliantly hued pieces: Our attractive shapes bear a striking likeness to stained glass and are totally clear, with distinctive shadings that will not blur or become hazy over the long run. This set incorporates a combination of squares and triangles so youngsters can make anything they dream.

The Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Piece Set energizes learning as well as guarantees the security of every youngster on account of each piece’s powerful development.

Involved intense plastic, solid ceramic magnets, and hardened steel bolts, our attractive squares are sonic welded to keep going for quite a long time to come.

Strength aside, the clear, haze free shades of each straightforward shape begin from high-calibre, non-harmful colours, with a completion impervious to scratches and marks.

This set is viable with all Magna-Tiles sets so youngsters can blend, coordinate, and genuinely let their minds go crazy.


  • 50 Small Squares
  • 4 Large Squares
  • 20 Equilateral Triangles
  • 11 Right Triangles
  • 15 Isosceles Triangles

Take your child’s creativity to the next level with the Magna-Tiles Clear Colours 100 Piece Set! Designed for ages three and up, these magnetic toys for kids spark hours of imaginative, unstructured play, allowing them to bring their dreams to life.

Our magnetic shapes make it easy to design creative activities for a wide range of subjects and skills, from fine motor skills development and colour identification to game design, architecture, and coding.



Country of origin - Philippines