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Mee Mee Water Filled Teether 4m+

Mee Mee Water Filled Teether 4m+

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About This Item:

  • Completely made of soft silicone which is reliable and durable for use
  • Water-filled teether that can be refrigerated for sometime before giving it to the child to use. The teether has a cooling effect on the gums
  • The water in the centre is perfectly distilled
  • Textured surface has a massage like feel on the gums when baby chews on the teether
  • Relieves gum pain and provides oral stimulation

Mee Mee water filled teether is designed to ease the pain during teething period. This water filled teether gives your baby a soft chewy surface that allows your baby to bite and alleviate the pain during teeth eruption phase. The sterilized water in the teether cools and refreshes your baby's gums and mouth. The teether can be stored in the refrigerator to cool the water when needed.


Country of origin - India