Mee Mee Ultra Thin Super Absorbent 48 pcs
Mee Mee Ultra Thin Super Absorbent 48 pcs

Mee Mee Ultra Thin Super Absorbent 48 pcs

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About This Item:


  • Absorbent polymers lining absorbs the milk residue in between feeds by trapping it insideThe core lining and preventing it from leaking through the brassiere
  • Soft edges prevents the sensitive skin of the areola and breasts from developing redness and rashes
  • Breathable and waterproof back sheet prevents the moisture from leaking out
  • Gathers ensure the enlarged diameter of the pad moulds perfectly to the shape of your breasts for a completely natural look and feel
  • Double adhesive tape prevents the pad from slipping or shifting
  • Keeps the pad firmly in place inside the cups of the brassiere
  • Soft inner lining for maximum comfort
  • Developed with breast feeding expert
  • Hygienic and dermatologically tested
  • Silky soft feel with discreet and waterproof backing
  • Lightweight pads with a super-absorbent core

Just like your baby, you need special care too, with Mee Mee's Ultra-Thin Disposable Nursing Pads you can stay fresh and comfortably clean. These pads are designed to absorb moisture which protects against leakages. Made from the finest of materials, these pads have an ultra-thin but super absorbent contour for a natural fit with a soft and traditional shaped pad to keep moisture away from delicate skin. This pad becomes one with your body, and sits discreetly under your clothes fitting snugly into any brassiere. With its non-slip extra-wide adhesive tape, it ensures that the pad stays in place for longer hours giving you more comfort and ease. For extra convenience each pad is individually wrapped so that you can carry them in your handbag or your Mee Mee's Diaper Bag easily. Absorbs moisture, protects against leaks. Soft stay-dry lining draws milk away from the skin and into the pad to avoid leakage. Becomes one with your body, not visible once you are dressed. Fits snugly into any brassiere. Non-slip extra-wide adhesive tape ensures that the pad stays in place. Soft and traditional shaped pad to keep moisture away from delicate skin.

How to Use:

  • Open the individual wrapping around the disposable nursing pad. Peel off The tape from both sides
  • Place The sticking side to The inside of the cup of the brassiere
  • Adjust as per your natural shape after you have worn your brassiere

Important to Remember:

It is recommended to changeThe breast pads after every four-five hours in a day for hygiene reasons.


Country of origin - India

This item is non-returnable due to hygiene or consumable nature of the product.