Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner Brush 0m+
Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner Brush 0m+
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Mee Mee Tender Tongue Cleaner Brush 0m+

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About This Item:

  • Baby Tongue Cleaner
  • Soft brush
  • long Handle
  • with easy grip
  • Tongue cleaner with soft, nylon bristles for baby's oral hygiene
  • Made from premium quality, BPA-free materials for safety, durability and zero-toxicity
  • Conforms to international standards of safety and hygiene
  • Helps to clean thrush, milk deposits to keep germs and bacteria away for maximum oral hygiene
  • Ergonomically designed small brush head for your tiny tot's little mouth
  • Designed to be gentle on your baby's delicate oral cavity
  • Shape and size designed for easy grip and easy storage

A healthy tongue is vital for optimum health in babies and adults. While you can easily help yourself, cleaning your baby's tongue can be a very difficult task. Designed keeping in mind your child's delicate oral cavity, Mee Mee's Tender Tongue Cleaner Brush helps smoothly to remove The milk residues or thrush deposited in your child's corner's of the mouth.

How to Use: 

Sterilise in clean water before and after every use. Gently clean child's oral/mouth/dental cavity by moving The brush with paste in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction over The teeth. Rinse child's mouth thoroughly with water after every use.

Country of origin - India