Mee Mee Protective Bottle Cover
Mee Mee Protective Bottle Cover
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Mee Mee Protective Bottle Cover

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About This Item:

  • Made of premium quality super-soft stretchable cotton fabric to hold easily for long duration
  • Enables easy gripping of feeding bottles and heat retention of the bottle contents
  • Protects the bottle from germs, dust and scratches to keep contents hygienic
  • Inner contents are visible for you to keep a track of your baby's appetite, Cute, attractive patterns that appeal to your baby
  • Flexible enough to fit standard, easy grip & wide neck bottles, Both hand-washable and machine washable for easy maintenance

Everything your baby comes into contact with, should be just like you - soft yet protective, gentle yet strong. Mee Mee Protective Bottle Cover makes it easier for your baby to hold a warm feeding bottle. Made of the cotton fabric, it retains heat, thus keeping the contents of the bottle warm for a longer duration yet protects your tot's hand from the heat of the feeding bottle.


Country of origin - India