Mee Mee Manual Breast Pump
Mee Mee Manual Breast Pump

Mee Mee Manual Breast Pump

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About This Item:

  • Comfortable for mothers, safe for babies
  • Complies with FDA standard, all parts made from food grade materials
  • Easy to assemble, discreet to use
  • Allows repeated suction with a unique double valve design
  • Adjustable suction release button to control pressure
  • Light weight, one hand operation
  • Compact in size, convenient to carry

The soft textured silicone shield draws air away from the breast while expressing and keeps your breast stimulated for easy extraction.
Squeeze & Hold Function: The pump builds up vacuum gradually as per your comfort level while milk is being expressed, for a relaxed session.
All the safety, none of the BPA: All parts are made of BPA free, soft silicone and polypropylene plastic which are non-toxic in every way.
We test and we test and we test: We ensure all our parts and materials go through strict clinical tests to be safe, durable and hygienic.
No messy business: Prevents milk to flow back in to the pump set which keeps milk collection easy and clean. Celebrate your uniqueness: You can adjust the suction to a level you are most comfortable with during pumping.


Country of origin - India