Mee Mee Accurate Flexible Digital Thermometer 0m+
Mee Mee Accurate Flexible Digital Thermometer 0m+
Mee Mee Accurate Flexible Digital Thermometer 0m+
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Mee Mee Accurate Flexible Digital Thermometer 0m+

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About This Item:

  • Conforms to international standards of safety and hygiene
  • Flexible probe for easy insertion into mouth or rectum
  • Made from premium quality materials that are safe and non-toxic
  • Helps to read your child's temperatures accurately and quickly
  • Flexible Thermometer designed to measure rectal and oral temperature
  • Helps to read your child's temperature accurately and quickly
  • Reads temperatures in a few seconds making it a convenient choice
  • Memorizes last reading for convenient use
  • Comes with storage case that keeps it hygienic and easy to store and carry
  • Can be used by adults but it is recommended to maintain a separate one for your baby

Mee Mee accurate flexible digital thermometer is made from premium quality material which is safe for the use of baby. It confirms to international standards and is easy to use. Keeping track of your baby's temperature is imperative while she/he is down with fever. It ensures right care at The right time. Mee Mee Flexible Digital Thermometer helps you keep a tab on your baby's recovery efficiently and conveniently. Extremely user friendly, The Thermometer is designed to measure rectal and oral temperatures in a matter of just few seconds. The flexible probe makes insertion and measurement simpler.

How to Use:

Hold The Thermometer firmly at both ends and press The black side flat against your baby dry forehead for at least 1 full minutes. Keep The strip placed on your baby's forehead and read The temperature after a minute. When The strip is green it indicates The correct temperature of your baby. if it is a tan/red colour The temperature is 1/2' lower and a blue colour indicates temperature is higher by 1/2' C.

Important to remember: Temperatures should be taken under adult supervision and stored away from reach of children. Prohibit children from biting, hitting or removing The battery cover. Do not bite The sensor tip while taking oral temperatures. Simply place The tip under The tongue. Avoid exposing The Thermometer to direct sunlight or dirt.


Country of origin - India