Mansa Ji Vocabulary Kit

Mansa Ji Vocabulary Kit

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Product description

Reading comprehension and clear communication are marked by a strong vocabulary. Spectrum Vocabulary for grade 6 is a workbook packed with progressive lessons that help children learn words through context clues, analogy formation, and dictionary skills. Strong communication can be applied across disciplines, and is essential for success in and out of the classroom. Spectrum Vocabulary for grades 3-6 helps children systematically build their vocabulary while improving comprehension skills. An exciting word building game for complete family and friends. It is played by 2 players. The game comprises of individual word vocabulary kit for both the players, alphabet cards for individualized colors (70 each 68 printed and 2 blank) and instructions manual. An intelligent game for all ages! It helps children in developing their logical thinking and vocabulary and practice memory recall.

  • Builds vocabulary
  • Encourages imagination, creativity and thinking skills


Country of origin - India