Lego Technic Kai's Fire Dragon
Lego Technic Kai's Fire Dragon
Lego Technic Kai's Fire Dragon
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Lego Ninjago Kai's Fire Dragon

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  • LEGO NINJAGO Legacy playset featuring Kai and his Fire Dragon from season 1 of the TV series for epic battles against Lord Garmadon
  • The Starter Brick base to help youngsters learn to build and create role-play stories with NINJAGO Kai, his Fire Dragon, Lord Garmadon, a mini fire temple with the Sword of Fire, and 2 fire elements
  • No batteries needed its can be played with right out of the box. The dragon toy figure is powered by kids imaginations, so the quest to protect the Sword of Fire never has to stop

Join kai and his fire dragon in a thrilling battle against lord Garmadon! Ride on the fire-breathing red dragon as it fiercely guards one of the four golden weapons: the sword of fire. Beware as the evil lord Garmadon tries to snatch it away from the fire temple! Can kai and his fire dragon triumph in this crucial duel and keep hold of the sword of fire?.


Country of origin - China