Kinder Creative Lower Alphabet Picture
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Kinder Creative Lower Alphabet Picture

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Key Features:

  • Skillset: Motor Skills, General Knowledge, Alphabet & Number Recognition, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Color & Shape Recognition
  • Teaches Colors and Sequencing
  • Identify and Fix Lower Alphabets
  • Visual Discrimination
  • Eye Hand Coordination and Concentration


Children can easily identify letters at a glance. It can be used for learning color too. Self corrective that can will fit only in respective slot. Identification and fix capital alphabet in appropriate cavity, alphabet recognition with sound, sequencing, visual discrimination, concentration. Teach your kids the English lower alphabet with pictures and learning through fun with this lower alphabet pictures with knobs from Kinder Creative. Teach your little one the range of colours with this colourful learning game. Designed with knobs, this puzzle helps your kid identify and fix the English lower alphabet through fun play. Suitable for kids above two years, this puzzle helps your child learn the alphabetical sequencing in a way that it is easy to remember. The cutout alphabet pieces come in colourful colours and improve your child visual discrimination. This education game helps build your child's motor skills and tactile skills.


Country of origin - India