Kinder Creative 5 Musical Instruments
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Kinder Creative 5 Musical Instruments

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Key Features:

  • Fun play as well as educational
  • Motor Skills and Tactile Skills
  • Made from Sustainable Material
  • Learning and Identification of Creatures and Colors
  • Eye Hand Co-ordination, Shape Discrimination, griping, fine motor skills,


Recognition of Musical instruments, Spelling learning of each self placement. Toys constitute the important treasure of the small world of children. Thus, the best gift that can be presented to young minds is the playful wonders. Your child will enjoy learning about the different types of musical instruments with this Kinder Creative’s Musical Instruments with knobs puzzle. This eco-friendly product is made from sustainable material and painted with non-toxic paint. Designed with vibrant coloured musical instruments, this learning puzzle teaches your kid to identify different instruments along with their name. The knob makes it easy for your child to place and remove pieces and develops logical thinking, shape discrimination and grip. This educational game teaches learning through fun play.


Country of origin - India