Kaadoo Wolves Lair

Kaadoo Wolves Lair

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Be the first to collect all the big animals hidden in the pack. The charismatic but elusive Wolf cards will be high on your mind, as you outmaneuver your opponents even while discovering other beautiful animals of North America.Fun and educational wildlife safari board game for children and the whole family. Ideally suited for children aged 6 to 12 years Winner of Parents Choice-RECOMMENDED award-One-of-a-kind board game created by wildlife photographer and enthusiast Dinesh Kumble; approved and co-branded by the World Wildlife Fund [WWF] India-A game for everyone, offering hours of group play, driving through the jungle, discovering amazing wild beasts and facing the ups and downs of a safari-Offers quick set up and easy understanding for kids and yet involves strategic thinking on the use of cards to alter game status-Educates children on the flora and fauna and develops in them a taste for nature and wildlife-Makes a unique and outstanding gift EDITIONS Kaadoo has currently five other games covering different ecosystems-Nilgiris Biosphere-Sports & Stripes Edition-African Savannah-Migration Mania Edition-Tiger Trail-Central India Edition-Lions Den-Western India Edition-Grand Tundra-Arctic Circle Edition INSIDE THE BOX-One handcrafted wooden dice-Artistically designed game board of 2ft x 2 ft size-100 game cards with paintings by master artists6 blank cards for you make your own game cards!- Colourful, safari-jeep pawns crafted by Indias top wooden toy makers Unpack the game and have a great time!


Country of origin - India