Kaadoo Nilgiri Biosphere

Kaadoo Nilgiri Biosphere

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About this item

  • Why play: Disconnect from the digital world, tune into nature, learn about the exotic animals of South India, right on your table, and bond over a board game, like the good old days
  • About the game: A Parent’s Choice-Recommended, award-winning board game, in which players go on a safari through the beautiful Nilgiri Biosphere in Southern India, introducing you to a diversity of wild animals from a Leopard on a hunt to Malabar Giant Squirrels roaming around!
  • How to play: Points-based game, played with 4 pawns, 1 dice, and 55 animal sighting cards. Experience elements of a real safari such as sharing experiences, sighting clues such as alarm calls, which make the game more exciting and fun. Rare sightings and faster exit mean more points!
  • Learn with fun: This educational game helps improve memory, decision making, cognitive agility, observation, and concentration, also help in mental math skills.
  • Ideal for: For 2-4 players, ages 6 and up, gifting, parties, playtime, sleepovers, education, digital detox

Country of origin - India