Kaadoo Crocs & Giraffes 2 In 1
Kaadoo Crocs & Giraffes 2 In 1

Kaadoo Crocs & Giraffes 2 In 1

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  • Four different kinds of graceful, gentle giraffe who would help you go up the board!
  • Seven different kinds of scary-looking crocodile who will grab you by your foot and send you tumbling down the board
  • No points system - keep playing, just for fun!

Two enjoyable wildlife-themed games designed around popular snakes-and-ladders and ludo concepts Isn't it tons more of fun when you throw the dice and climb up the board on the neck of a Giraffe, instead of the plain old ladder? Isn't it scary even to think that a wrong throw and you could find yourself between the sharp-toothed jaws of a crocodile?

Kaadoo Crocs & Giraffes, an incredibly absorbing game for you to play with your brothers, sisters, parents and friends. Careful, the Nile Crocodile - the largest among them, is hungry and lurking in the bushes! A thoroughly enjoyable game for four.


Country of origin - India