Kaadoo Avengers Darto
Kaadoo Avengers Darto

Kaadoo Avengers Darto

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  • Simple and easy to understand.
  • Challenge and get challenged.
  • Live cricket action.
  • Refreshing gameplay.

Move over, Bull’s eye dartboards, you are so boring. For, its
dart cricket time. A unique magnetic dartboard game that can be
played by 2,4 or even full 11s if you wish. Game conceived by
avid cricketing buffs and brings you similar degree of thrill as
playing the real game on field. We have the mighty Marvel
Avengers and IPL star team Kolkata Knight Riders [KKR] matching
their skills and wits. You get to mark scoring zones on the oval
with Avenger and KKR power coins - depending on which team is
your’s and give the game a twist in every match. You decide how
many overs to be bowled, plan a drinks break, let one of your
buddies keep scores and hey, its match time! Pick your team
members, toss the coin and bowl the first over. Play as
one-dayer, 20-20 or even as a local tournament! Richly
illustrated play guide available with the game. But, feel free to
make your own game format.


Country of origin - India