Kaadoo Animal Buddy Indian Jungle

Kaadoo Animal Buddy Indian Jungle

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About this item

  • Why play: Disconnect from the digital world and get closer to nature and in-person bonding over a fun and easy board game, like the good old days!
  • About the game: Set out on a fun trek through the dense tropical jungles of India! On the way, meet diverse animals who introduce you to their habitat, friends, and leave the jungle unharmed.
  • How to play: Simple game play, no complex rules to understand, no dice to throw, no need to worry about strategy, just explore, learn, and have fun! The game includes real animal pictures to drive excitement and imagination.
  • Learn with fun: Make buddies in animals and learn about the relevance of seasons and time of the day in a jungle.
  • Ideal for: For 2 players, ages 4 and up, gifting, parties, playtime, sleepovers, education, bonding with grandparents, digital detox

Animal Buddy Series - Introducing Wildlife to the Young

Animal Buddy - Indian Jungle is the first board game for your kid, that introduces wild animals in a fun & informative way.

Be the first to travel through Indian jungles with the help of your Animal Buddies. These colourful cards tell you about the various animals and how to move around the board. But be careful of the dangerous animals and other traps in the jungle.


Country of origin - India