Kaadoo African Savannah
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Kaadoo African Savannah

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About this item

  • Why play: Disconnect from the digital world, tune into nature, learn about Africa’s wildlife right on your table, and bond over a board game, like the good old days
  • About the game: A Parent’s Choice-Recommended, award-winning board game, in which players go on a safari through the African forest to discover wild animals.
  • How to play: Points-based game, played with 4 pawns, 1 dice, and 55 animal sighting cards. Experience elements of a real safari such as sharing experiences, sighting clues such as alarm calls, which make the game more exciting and fun. Players get higher points for rare sightings and exit bonus points too!
  • Learn with fun: A player landing on a ‘question block’ can quiz the other players about wild animals in the specific biosphere. Learn and test how fast you can boost your knowledge of wildlife!, and ability to add quickly.
  • Ideal for: For 2-4 players, ages 6 and up, gifting, parties, playtime, sleepovers, education, digital detox

Country of origin - India