Itoys Peppa Pig Activity Ball Pool Basket Ball Play Tent
Itoys Peppa Pig Activity Ball Pool Basket Ball Play Tent

Itoys Peppa Pig Activity Ball Pool Basket Ball Play Tent

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About This Item

  • Kids tent for playtime, It’s a pop up tent with 50 Balls Inside
  • Ball Pit for Baby Activity with Basket
  • It has soft play balls perfect for infants and toddlers.
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor play areas, kindergarten, play schools
  • Very easy to fold, store and carry outdoors
  • Basket Net, Durable Stitching, High quality Steel Wire
  • Easy To Clean Polyester Fabric
  • Child safe Breathable Mesh

It’s a ball pool for kids with basket activity, the product has fine quality material and high quality balls along with it. The digital print is made out of non-toxic colours and safe for children. It comes in a box which makes it suitable for gifting and do not need assembling, it should be just opened or untwisted and it will take its shape. When to pack the product just twist it and it will get back to its original shape. Itoys brings to you this ball pool play tent with 50 colourful balls – the perfect gift for your child to have unlimited fun both while he or she is indoors as well as outdoors. It features breathable mesh wherein kids will love to spend time all on their own in this play tent. The best part about this ball pool is its basketball hoop. This offers endless playtime for your kid. It is multipurpose can be used at home as well as can be used while outing or camping. This tent is easy to set up. This tent has bright colours to fuel kids imaginations for hours of indoor and outdoor play. It is made of durable material which is easy to clean and quick dry. It is compact making it ideal for camping, traveling, your kid will feel relaxed and enjoyable when playing in the Military play tent!!


Country of origin - India