Itoys Frozen 2 Led Light Play House Tent
Itoys Frozen 2 Led Light Play House Tent
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Itoys Frozen 2 Led Light Play House Tent

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  • Your child will have hours of fun with this colorful play tent. Set it up in the backyard, and kids got a secret hiding place. It's great for encouraging play, adventure and fun. It provides comfortable shelter for outdoor trips and activities
  • This playhouse will bring out the imagination of your child whether playing make-believe alone or role-playing with others. It'll help develop social skills and really bring out the creative side of your child that could lead to a future acting career!
  • No Tools Required!!! Extremely Light weight, Water & Fire-Proof .The unique folding capabilities of this tent allow it to be taken down and stored anywhere in your home securely. It can also be packed easily and taken with you on special trips
  • This kids’ playhouse is incomparably versatile. Apart from placing it in your house, you can also effortlessly set it up in your backyard, your garden or any other outdoor space.


The playhouse tent is easy to assemble and makes an interesting and fun environment for kids to play and role play and even camp with led light feature. This tent has bright colors to fuel kids' imaginations and a led light to givew them homely feeling even at night for hours of indoor play. Made up of non- woven non- chemical fabric. Kids friendly tent House. Quick and easy to assemble play tent, can accommodate two kids of up to 5 years of age, made from non-woven material, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 



Country of origin - India