Imagi Make Super Quiller
Imagi Make Super Quiller
Imagi Make Super Quiller
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Imagi Make Super Quiller

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  • One of its kind stand-out mechanized multifunction Quilling Tool that assists you to coil in a jiffy, so that you can spend more time exploring your creativity
  • The new improved Super Quiller comes with easy Quilling disk and jumbo Quilling disk to make it easier for users with little or no craft experience to get started
  • This is one of the best solutions for your striking creative abilities to come to reality
  • Super Quiller comes with complimentary sticky back strips so that you can coil without mess
  • It’s an excellent craft tool and gift for children and adults with interest in art and craft. Also helps improving eye-hand coordination and gives wings to imagination

Product description

Discover a whole new way to express your creativity using Super Quiller- Worlds 1st motorized multifunction Quilling tool. Paper Quilling was never so easy before- Super Quilling helps you make Coil for you in a jiffy; so you can focus more on your designs and reduce time on boring and exhausting coiling. Start by using Easy Quilling Disk if you are new to Paper Quilling. Super Quiller is an absolute necessity for every art and craft lover and out of the box thinker. Our Super Quiller attracts kids enough to make them drop their electronic devices. Children learn through creative play that redesigns their imagination as the product utilizes both right and left brains. This is the best gift for kids to get them started with Quilling and open up a whole new world of creativity and self-expression. Start by using Easy Quilling Disk if you are new to Paper Quilling. The Easy Quilling Disk helps you to make coils in a blink of an eye -all you have to do is insert the paper in the slot and press the button. You can coil up to 2-3 strips using the Easy Quilling disk that will be sufficient for most of the Quilling projects that you may take up as a beginner. Then you can try using the Jumbo Quilling disk, wherein you can make coils of up to 20 strips of 10 mm that can be used for making different 3D Quilled objects such as Jhumka, Dolls or Donuts, to take your Quilling skills to next level. Whether you are trying to create solar system or a photo frame, this is a one stop solution for you. As you gain expertise you can try out our other products like Beading Buddy and Crimping Buddy (you can buy them separately) to enter the world of imagination and make them real.



Country of origin - India