Imagi Make 3 In 1 Awesome Craft Kit
Imagi Make 3 In 1 Awesome Craft Kit
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Imagi Make 3 In 1 Awesome Craft Kit

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3-in-1 Awesome Craft Kit is a great art and craft set to explore the world of creativity which and has the best craft ideas for kids. From Friendship Bands and Stamping and Colouring to Clay Activity- it has it all! This kit is a great way to introduce the child in the different craft forms from a very young age. It also helps in developing Creative Problem Solving Skills, Eye Hand Co-ordination and Motor Skills. The activities are packed in different sleek boxes which are easy to carry even while you are travelling. In Friendship Bands, kids can create up to 3 quirky bands from the stick back strips, elastic thread and clasps. In Clay Window Stickers, we have Dotz clay (air dry clay) pouches which can be used to fill up the window stickers to decorate the room! Stamping is now much more fun with our Dual Tip Stamp Pens and 6 Stamps that are designed for easy blending. The 4 Creative Projects Template makes it more interesting and encourage the kids get started in stamping and then go on to create more and more. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. All the materials included in this kit are non toxic and safe for kids. Each of us loves to create! Our vivid imaginations provide an endless stream of awesome ideas. The contents of this box are a step in that direction. A great gifting option to encourage creativity in kids.



Country of origin - India