Hasbro Operation Pet Scan
Hasbro Operation Pet Scan
Hasbro Operation Pet Scan
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Hasbro Operation Pet Scan

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  • Pretend you're a vet: the operation pet scan game has a twist on classic operation gameplay. Cavity sam's dog, rex-ray, ate things he shouldn't have, and players need to get them out of his belly
  • Make rex-ray feel better: using the dog-o-scope, players drag the plastic ailment along the path from rex-ray the dog's belly and out his tail end without letting it fall out
  • Watch out for the buzz: if a player strays from the path and the buzzer goes off, the ailment drops. If it falls out, their turn ends. Remove it successfully and he'll fart or bark in relief
  • Silly sounds: the operation pet scan game features silly sound effects. Press the dog's nose to hear fun sounds including barks, belly gurgling, and farts
  • Fun kids' game: the operation pet scan board game is a great choice for your child's play date or to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day. It makes a fun gift for kids ages 6 and up

Country of origin - India