Funskool Vikramaditya-Vetala Puzzle
Funskool Vikramaditya-Vetala Puzzle
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Funskool Vikramaditya-Vetala Puzzle

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Key Features

  • Easy to play
  • Develops courage and character in children
  • Improves eye-hand coordination
  • Develops colour and shape recognition
  • Helps improve kids strategy skills and concentration
  • Helps in nurturing socially moral behaviour

Product Description
Funskool presents the historic characters puzzle, 'Vikramaditya - Vetala' in the form of a puzzle. Vikramaditya was the most famous emperor of the Gupta Dynasty, The mythological stories of Vikram and Vetala are said to be based on King Vikramaditya. This 104 pieces floor puzzle from Funskool helps kids to form the Vikramaditya character and learn about him. It is presented in a colourful and fun way that will keep the children engaged and entertained. There is always a moral to every historic story. This story also teaches kids the value of correct behaviour and judgement in every situation. It will also develop eye-hand coordination and concentration skills in kids.



Country of origin - India