Funskool Stacking Cubes
Funskool Stacking Cubes
Funskool Stacking Cubes
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Funskool Stacking Cubes

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  • Develops motor skills
  • Colour and size recognition
  • Stimulates senses

Product Description 

For generations babies have delighted in this classic Disney stacking cubes brought to you by Funskool. Consisting of bright candy-coloured cubes in graduated sizes looped over one another, helps babies develop coordination as they learn to stack the easy-to-grasp cubes in the proper order. Promotes coordination of movement and size and colour perception.The product will have 8 stacking cubes with different sizes and attractive mickey colours. Each stacking cube will have a Disney character on one side and numbers 0 - 8 on the other side of the cubes. The stacking cups will also have alphabets engraved on the base of the cups so that while stacking kids can learn alphabets from a to z.



Country of origin - India