Funskool Rubik's Cube 2x2
Funskool Rubik's Cube 2x2
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Funskool Rubik's Cube 2x2

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Key Features:

  • Faster, smoother and more reliable play
  • Suggested for 8 years and above children
  • Improves cognitive, motor and spatial skills
  • An exciting Rubik's cube to put your mind to work
  • Have fun as you cube-up this puzzle
  • Time to gear up and solve this mind game


Keep them busy in solving the most challenging puzzle in the form of Funskool Rubik's Cube 2x2. It's an excellent to give the little ones' a reason to smile with the interesting puzzle. This amazing 2x2 Rubik's cube has been crafted with a mind-blowing mechanical design. The cube is a bit complicated and requires a high level of concentration to solve the puzzle. Different techniques might be applied to solve the complex puzzle. Kids have to match the knotty colour combination by turning, twisting and rotating the cube. The puzzle can be solved anytime. It can be played independently as well as in the company of friends or relatives. High quality tiles are used for manufacturing this mind-boggling game. Quality standards are maintained to ensure that the cube is safe for kids' use. It's smooth and compact design allows the player to make easy and convenient movements of the cube. The cubes can be rotated smoothly and fast. Besides, playing Funskool Rubik's Cube is also beneficial in some other ways. This cube also assists the children to enhance their problem solving skills. Additionally, it also improves the reasoning skills and logical thinking skills of the kids. Adults can also spend some time in solving the complicated puzzle of this Funskool cube. So, what are you waiting for even now? Go ahead and get this amazing cube for the little ones. The bright colours of the cube easily grab the attention of the kids.


Country of origin - China