Funskool Match & Move Memory
Funskool Match & Move Memory
Funskool Match & Move Memory
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Funskool Match & Move Memory

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Product description

Once again Funskool has brought us a game that can be enjoyed by kids of 5 years and older. This memory game is filled with unforgettable fun and also develops visual recall skills in your child. This product is a game that can be played alone or with other kids. The game contains one game board, four playing pieces and 25 picture cards.

To Play the Game

To move ahead, you have to match pictures on specific cards, keeping in mind that it must be a perfect match. Match cards to all game board pictures by keeping an eye on all memory card positions.

A Challenge

Matching memory games are a big challenge for kids and Funskool Games has definitely created an exciting game with this product. Your child will build up his confidence and feel sharper and brighter.

A Family Game

Memory match games for kids can be another chance to bring together your family and spend quality time with your child, which is an essential part of growing up. Matching memory games do increase the brain power and concentration also. Memory match games for kids also occupy the kid in a constructive manner, giving a feeling of achievement.

Enhances Memory

Being a fun game, this memory match game increases the observation skills of the kid. Regular involvement in memory games can improve the memory of your child considerably and sharpen the power of concentration.

Funskool Games has made this fun and exciting memory match game to help kids keep their brains sharp.

Key Features

  • Increases the brain power of the child
  • Improves the memory power and visual skills
  • Increases the confidence level of your child
  • Perfect for 5+ years


Country of origin - India