Funskool Go To The Head Of The Class
Funskool Go To The Head Of The Class
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Funskool Go To The Head Of The Class

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Fun Game for Building Knowledge

A quiz game is always fun to play or watch as it not only entertains you but considerably increases your general knowledge, making it important for any child. This Funskool Go to Head of the Class game is a nice interactive game that can be played with your entire family irrespective of age or gender. The book features several questions based on age category and knowledge levels such as student questions for kids, scholar level for teens and graduate level questions for adults. This Funskool question and answer game is apt for an interactive quizzing session with your family.

Wide Variety of Topics and Innovative Game Play

This question and answer board game not only provides you with an interesting past time but also increases your thinking and memory skills. The game covers a wide area of topics such as science, literature and history and has questions based on these varied genres that can make you aware of these topics. This question and answer game promotes innovative game play. As you give all the correct answers, you progress to a higher level and in the end get awarded with a diploma before winning the game and gaining appreciation from other family members.


Country of origin - India