Funskool Can You Name 5
Funskool Can You Name 5
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Funskool Can You Name 5?

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  • Toys and Games
  • A trivia game
  • Best played in a group
  • Great party game
  • Find out who can be the first person to Name 5 movie stars, break up songs, superheros and much more
  • Can You Name 5?! Can you name 5 things that could make a person sneeze? How about 5 TV dads? ...5 video games? ...Vegetables beginning with ""a""? Name 5 is the outrageous new party game from Endless Games that asks the easy questions you know the answers to. Sure you know 1 Tom Hanks movie, 1 Tina Turner song... Maybe even two... But can you name 5???"


Country of origin - India