Funskool Bullock Cart
Funskool Bullock Cart
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Funskool Bullock Cart

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  • Funskool giggles bullock cart - traditional pull-along activity toy for tiny hands
  • A unique exciting pull-along toy with a traditional Indian touch for infants from 12 months onwards
  • This ideal land transport cart of yesteryears, comes with vibrant yellow wheels, red canopy, tugged by a strong white bull that gives this toy the perfect appeal
  • Kids get encouraged to tug this bullock cart along as they walk
  • Helps develop gross motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and stimulate senses
  • Wheels attached to the legs of the bull help the cart move smoothly when tugged along
  • The chassis of the cart can be easily affixed onto the bull by inserting the peg into the slot provided

This toy- bullock cart from Funskool can be visually very appealing for kids. They can take no time to gain a liking for it. The life-like design of the cart and the animal will encourage your children to learn about them while playing.


Country of origin - India